Interbourse 2018 Wolkenstein – Ranking lists

Download the ranking lists as a PDF: Ranking: Speed Race Ranking Ranking: Guest Race Overall Ranking: Guest Race Categories Ranking: Team Race Final Ranking: Team Race Individual Ranking: Team Race 1st Run Ranking: Team Race 2nd Run

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See you soon in Val Gardena

Our Interbourse event will start very soon and we are looking forward…

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11 days left until IB 18 in Selva Gardena / Wolkenstein

For all “late decision-makers” and those who have not yet completed their…

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Merry Christmas and happy holiday

Dear Interbourse fellows Only 4 weeks to go until the kick-off of…

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Registration for Wolkenstein 2018 is open

Dear Interbourse Participants, on behalf of your 2018 Interbourse host we would…

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